Trinity Viola Case Large

Trinity ViolaCase Large is made of hyper-modern composite materials, used commonly in the airplane industry. Layers of carbon and glass fibers, reinforced with a polyester core, are impregnated with resins in a laborious, vacuum infusion process, done entirely by hand. Carbon fiber is as strong and stiff as steel but much lighter. Glass fiber and jute fiber are elastic. These materials are joined together through the core material, resulting in an extremely light and tough shell. Carbon fiber shell (with glass fiber and polyester core beneath) is lightest and stiffest. Jute shell (with carbon fiber and glass fiber beneath) are little heavier and possibly little less resilient (but still very strong).

Click to read more about carbon and glass fiber. (Link to Wikipedia)

Please, note: During the vacuum infusion process carbon or jute fibers may get twisted in some spots. Small pinholes on the surface in some areas may appear too. It can’t be avoided on this kind of complex surface and it doesn’t influence the strength of the composite shell.

Weight : from 1850g / 4,2 lbs (jute fabric and paint add weight)

With 2 bows inside.
595,00 EUR
+ your national VAT- tax (for EU countries)

Size inside the case

Maximum possible size of viola:
Total Length: 78 cm (30.7″) | Body Length: 46 cm (18.1”)
Upper bout: 24.5cm (9.65”) | Lower bout: 28.7 cm (11.30”)

The Trinity Large ViolaCase can accommodate violas of all sizes. 2 bows are placed inside in a unique way – under an instrument. Soft fleece wings cover frogs and support viola. No hard surface touches your bow and there is no danger of it falling on the top of your viola or even touching it. You can add our plastic BowHolders if you carry shorter historical bows. Thanks to this unusual placing we could shape the top cover very aerodynamically.

Size adjustment

You can precisely adjust the support under the neck-foot, in length and height, to your instrument. You can quickly change it for carrying another viola inside.

If your instrument is smaller you can add an extra thick side padding and sponge points (included)

Thermal insulation

Reflective aluminum-bubble foil under the top-cover provides an extra sun-heat protection and, together with foam and soft fleece fabric layers, ensures stable internal conditions.

Space inside for accessories

Strings, rosin
humidifier or GPS-tracker
With smaller instruments you can carry a shoulder rest

Side impact protection & sealing

The click-lock mechanism prevents accidental opening. Press the cover down – you’ll hear a click. To open – move the pin to the left.
Virtually indestructible nylon hinges

Stabilization points and elastic closures make silicon seals around the case super tight.

Secure locking of the case

Portable Combination Laptop Lock with a steel cable from Kensington (optional). All the cases ar prepared for it. Read more here (producer site). It prevents an unauthorized opening and secures the whole case by fixing it to a firm object. Put in the  T-Bar ™  of the Kensington lock into the slot in the metal plate of the ViolaCase’s lock. Of course, you don’t always need to use it; the case will still be securely closed.

Carrying the case

2 back straps are made from comfortable, antislip neoprene. We use a simple, weight-saving strap attachment-solution, as used by professional photographers. Pull the strap-end through the opening in the foot, adjust to the desired length and secure by pulling through loop.

Music pocket (optional)

It’s Large enough even for big-size scores. It can be attached to the back of the ViolaCase.

Size: 36 x 28 cm (14 x 11 inch)

Bow Holder (optional) – for shorter, historical bows

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